Melzi board with RepRapDiscount display not supported in 1.0.2

I can install R-F 0.92, but not 1.0.2.  In 1.0,2, for FEATURE_CONTROLLER==CONTROLLER_REPRAPDISCOUNT_GLCD // 11, there is no support for Melzi (MOTHERBOARD == 63), so DisplayList.h defaults to RAMPS pins and compile fails. In fact, a careful examination of DisplayList.h shows that the only supported display for Melzi is Zonestar! Has anyone got a Melzi using any other display. If you've got something working for CONTROLLER_REPRAPDISCOUNT_GLCD, please post details here.

 Ooh, and how I hate nested #if statements, especially with buggy code. I am totally confused by the 'structure' for handling FEATURE_CONTROLLER==CONTROLLER_REPRAPDISCOUNT_GLCD in DisplayList.h, and I strongly suspect something is seriously amiss with the logic. However, it is beyond my experience to decide what options apply to any of the hardware because I am totally unfamiliar with most of them. I can probably hack it to make it work for my situation, but I have no hope for a tidy, well-coded solution for all the combinations of hardware ever made (or likely to be made). Anyone up for a challenge?


  • Have just looked into 0.92.8 and see no pin definitions for the Melzi as well. 0.92 has the same settings they are just in ui.h instead of DisplayList.h. Would have copied them but do not see them. Do you have a special version where they are included and not the official one?
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