Auto bed leveling

Hi. Im planning to install an auto bed levelling system: bltouch
I have some questions:
1.- the leveling of my bed now is kind of ok, it is a aluminium bed. But I want to go a step further in automation and include this feature. So question is if repetier fully support bed leveling with bltouch system
2.- I have been thinking: lets asume that bed i not perfectly flat (it is a relaity actually) so the bed levelling makes a bed map and firmware will use this map dureing print to compensate. So for example if firmaware drwas a map of the survafe, I could see something similar to a spikes drawing right.  If all this surface map is kept dureing all print, the very top of the printed surface, the top surface of the model I mean would reflect this surface map right? so this last layer would actually not be perfectly flat, will be a reflex of the bed surface, am I right?
3.- if question 2 is YES, is there a configuratin where firmware "vanishes" this map as the printing progress so at the end the top surface of the model is actually perfectly flat?

Thanks in advance


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    1/ Yes repetier firmware supports bltouch.
    2/ G32 S2 bed levelling assumes a flat surface and will level out any tilt,
    however G33 'distortion correction will map a non flat surface and add Z correction, in repetier host there is a display disstotion map option in one of the menu's.
    3/ G33 will apply correction to the 1st few layers and will gradually fade, the fade height can be set in the firmware config tool ;

    Pigeon has done a nice setup video for the bltouch
  • Thanks so much for your answer. I made a little mistake: the probe I will try to use is a servo/switch based probe (, it works somehow like bltouch but has a servo. Any idea how to configure it in repetier?

  • From the looks of it, it should configure and work just like a bltouch, one warning tho, i doubt the 5 volt regulator on the arduino will be man enough to drive a actual servo motor,so you will need to power the servo from an external 5 volt source.
  • ok... I think Im on track , tahns a lot for the help. last questions: you said I can configure the fade in the online configuration tool. But I have configured my repetier firmware manually, and I read that for the online configuration tool works, the configuration had to be done through it since the begining, so now my configuration file wont be recognized by the online tool (I tried to uploadit it, it takes it, but then whe I advance  I can see that for some reason it has not taken the axis steps for example, so I guess something went wrong and the online tool wont help me there. SO: wich parameters do I have to change in configuration.h to manually configure this fade?
  • #define DISTORTION_START_DEGRADE 0.5  ;<<full correction until
    #define DISTORTION_END_HEIGHT 1  ; <<reduce correction to zero at

  • Auch, this is more complicated than I expected jajajaja
    ok, I figured it ou and now the probe is woring, at least as far as I can tell (I can retract the probe, extended, detect H and L states). I followed the video instruction of pidgean but I cant get to the part of doing the autobedleveling. I measured the offset, that is my break point.
    If now I do a Z home, the Z goes down, probe gets trigered, then Z goes up and then quickly goes like looking for 0,0 position (that is my lower left corner) and at the same time it moves in the x/y direction, it goes down... but in that corner there is screw!!!! one of the screws that hold the bed. I do an emergency stop because if not the noozle will crash into it.
    Im lost, I have made sure I followed all steps in pidgeon video, I checked configuration  and looks like in the video . I have uploaded my configuration.h file. Only thing not in that file are the offset values wich are: -21.300 for X and 12.000 for Y
    Thanks in advance for the help

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