Just upgraded from firmware 0.92.9 to 1.0.2

Hi I have just upgraded to ver 1.0.2 to enable the G33 functionality,  I'm using a home built delta with a 560 mm build height, control is arduino due with a fdramps derivative,  works fine under 0.92.9  but under 1.0.2 I am finding that the control appears to reset ( spash screen displays and motion stops ) after about 250mm of z movement after I issue a G28 ( home command ),  i'm using micro step drives giving 160 steps/mm for each axis, anyone seen this sort of behaviour before?  ( the 1.0.2 firmware was built using the config tool and the config file from my 0.92.9 version ),  just going to re-flash my original 0.92.9 firmware for now.  Happy to try almost anything to get up and running with 1.0.2


  • Check log when connected to a host software when it happens. What is the reset reason? If it is watchdog, then you have too many computations so watchdog does not get triggered any more. Also 160 steps per mm on a due is not that hard to satisfy.
  • Thankyou for your response,  just re-flashed the 1.0.2 version and carried out a check,  yes it does look like it is the watchdog that is causing the reset,  see snip of log from Repetier Server below.  So the watchdog is not getting fired/reset in time,  not sure how to profile a running arduino due to work out where the time is being used up,  is it possible to alter the watchdog timeout or do I need to look at removing / disabling features?

    In the meantime I'll take a look at the watchdog functionality between 0.92.9 and 1.0.2 to see if anything has changed.

    10:05:50.124: wait
    10:05:50.739: T:21.25 /0 B:20.83 /0 B@:0 @:0
    10:05:51.124: wait                                                  ( started a 'home all' from the control panel )
    10:05:56.344: start
    10:05:56.344: Info:Watchdog Reset                       <= watchdog reset
    10:05:56.344: Detected EEPROM version:19
    10:05:56.345: M110 N0
    10:05:56.346: N2 M115
    10:05:56.346: N3 M220 S100
    10:05:56.346: N4 M221 S100
    10:05:56.347: N5 M355
    10:05:56.347: N6 G92 E0
    10:05:56.347: N7 M114
    10:05:56.348: N8 G90
    10:05:56.348: N9 M111 S6
    10:05:56.349: N10 M360
    10:05:56.349: N11 M539 S1

  • Ok,  re-compiled with watchdog disabled ( I have independant hardware that prevents thermal runaway ), machine now homes without reseting.  Now just need to work out how to define the probe grid used by G33,  seems to be preset to always probe a 200 x 200 grid.
  • It is defined in Configuration.h. Not changeable in eeprom! It does not use the settings from G32 if you think this would happen.
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