Repetier Host and Server think a print is happening, but the printer is not moving

i have submitted a job via repetier host and its showing progress being made, and i can see the extruder "moving" in the control window in repetier server, but nothing is actually happening in the printer. 

I am using a Davinci 1.0 AiO flashed to repetier 92

The display on the printer just says ready, it has no idea there is a job running apparently.

any ideas what I can do to troubleshoot? 


  • Sure you are connected to davinci and not have selected a virtual printer port. Then communication is just fakes and nothing happens. So check port setting in server printer settings.
  • yes it is connected, I can confirm by sending it G28 and the printer does HOME ALL.

  • So G28 works and sending other commands does not work? If that problem happens again check the log in server frontend console (enable everything) to see what is going on. At this point it makes no sense.
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