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I'm pretty new to 3D printing and after about a month and a half my hot end broke. I ended up buying a new E3D after some research but I'm having trouble with the firmware. I have cautiously printed a few small things to test it without updating yet because i can't figure it out. On the E3D website it tells me to 

Use thermistor definition number 8:

The problem is I'm not sure where to go to change this. I asked a couple of my friends that also use Repetier and they too, were not entirely sure what to do to change this. It also says 

For safety it is strongly recommended to do the following:

  • Limit the Max PWM value (EXT0_PID_MAX xxx in the config file) to ensure that current is limited to a safe value.
  • Set the Minimum defect temperature to ensure that the thermistor shorting out is caught by the firmware.

I figured while I'm asking about the tables i will bring up a related question as well. Where do i change these settings also. These are probably dumb and easy questions but I didn't want to start changing settings in the configuration table unless i knew exactly what they did. Thanks. 


  • These are all values defined in Configuration.h - the file configurating your printer which you hopefully already have.

    In the online config tool sensor type 8 is ATC Semitec 104GT-2 in case you have already a config for that tool.
  • I guess i know even less about 3D printing than I had thought.  I am more of a mechanic hands on student with little experience with computers and software.

    Where/how can I access the configuration.h file. I went to the config button on the top of Repetier and I have searched everywhere else in Repetier for it. I just need to know how to access and change the Configuration.h. Is it even something I can do from my computer or do I need to hook things up to my printer? 
  • When you download the Arduino development kit, and download the Repetier firmware, you can access and edit the Configuration.h file -- you can also edit the Configuration.h file by answering the nice wizard pages on the Repetier firmware page. Then you compile and upload the firmware to your printer using the Arduino tools. There's a nice set of instructions in the Rostock Max V2 guide located here starting on page 212.
  • I Don't use an Arduino. I generate a gcode on my computer and i use a rasppi with octopi to do all of the printing. Is there an easy way of accessing the file through my computer if i just plug in my printrbot? 
  • I can't help you there...
  • But I have to ask, how are you using this firmware if you can't compile it and upload it to your controller?
  • I just don't know how to access the firmware. The only thing i can do is through repetier when you use the gcode sender in the control panel. I can calibrate the offsets with M212 and M500 commands. that's really all i have done.
  • You should read on how to configure and upload a new firmware. The values you mentioned are all part of the compiled firmware. I guess you had one when you bought the computer but with changed hardware you often need to update it to use different code parts. These have nothing to do with gcode.
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