Print offset reset after G28 in firmware 0.92.9

I had Repetier firmware 0.92.8 in my printer, levelled bed with measuring tool, and fine tuned by setting Z-offset (which can be different with different extruder/bed temperature combinations). However afrer upgrading to 0.92.9, I had some bad prints, therefore I checked what´s going wrong, and found that if I set Z-offset to something, executing G28 (home), resets offsets to zero. Which makes it of course unusable. I returned to 0.92.8 which works as I am used to.


  • You mean G92 offsets? These must reset to 0 on a G28 command for homed axis.
  • No, I mean offsets set by display controller. Today I tried upgrade to 1.01 firmware, the same behavior, i.e. offset is nullified by homing.
  • Don't get it, which offset you mean. The set origin offset in LCD is the same as G92 whcih I already told you gets removed when homing and that is a must.
  • In the 0.92.8 firmware, I was used to this: I have perfectly levelled bed. I have several glasses and mirrors, some of them 2mm and some of them 3mm, and I have found, that depending on temperature of the bed, used filament (PET-G or ABS) and minor tolerances in thickness of glass/mirror etc, instead of fiddling with Z-homing switch screw etc, I fine tuned my setup using UI - set print offset - Z offset. I use values of about -0.3mm for 3mm mirrors, and -1.20- -1.25 for 2mm glass. Minor differnces are also caused by using glue, green tape or kapton. So I tuned everything by Z-offset. Now, upgrading to newer version (first I noticed at 0.92.9 some time ago), this feature is gone, and setting Z-offset when on the beginning of print, after warming bed, then extruder, then homing XY then Z - my offset is gone, and I am unable to print anything well. I have no usage for G92 code, and removing G28 or adding G92 in every profile is bad idea. I even tried to comment out line 1767 (1.01) in the printer.cpp, saying  coordinateOffset[Z_AXIS] = 0; // G92 Z offset, but even offset look as remebered over Z-homing, it still does not work the way I was used to.

  • Guess you mean the UI_ACTION_SET_MEASURED_ORIGIN action. It sets z length based on the assumption you are at the bottom. But that only works on deltas with z max homing as far as I can see.

    The solution for this now is to set bed coating to the wanted offset. That way it also stays permanent across homing requests.
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