Dual axis X2 feedrate limitation?


I am using repetier firmware dev version with a dual X axis printer.

I've found that it seems that the X2 feedrate is limited and does not depend on the feedrate defined using the configuration tool. For X1 I have the maximum feedrate set to 400 mm/s but the X2 does not get  any close to that. I seems to be around 100 mm/s or less.

Looking at the firmware there is only one value for the X axis feedrate so I guess they share it.

Is it correct or is there another feedrate value to define somewhere else?

Thanks in advance!


  • Yes, they share the limit but they can have individual resolutions, so check that micro stepping and resolution is the same. After all we can only handle around 40kHz frequency on 8 bit processors.
  • aizaiz
    edited November 2017

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    I use an Arduino Due, so the maximum frequency is higher.

    Anyway, I already found the problem. It guess it was the motor that was damaged as when I have replaced it the problem is gone.

    Now I've realised that both X motors do not go over 150 mm/s while the Y motors go up to 400 mm/s as limited in the settings.

    I don't know what it can be. The hardware is the same for X and Y and I've not found any difference between the X and Y settings.

    I'll keep investigating. Any idea will be welcome.

  • Check what feedrate limit is stored in eeprom.
  • If I'm not wrong, the Due has no EEPROM...
  • No due has no eeprom, but most boards have therefore added an eeprom to still allow such things. If you have one without, ok then you need to use sd card replacement solution or do it in configuration and upload.
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