Bed heating and auto power on


I'm still having some problems with the new firmware. The printerbed is not heating anymore before the print starts, manual on/off heating the bed works fine. If i slice(Cura) and upload the (same) object again it works like it should--> heat bed - heat extruder - start print. Not sure firmware can cause this, but it began after uploading the new firmware.
Next problem is the auto start option. When my printer is powered off and i start a print, it powers on and starts to print immediatly without heating anything.


  • What do you mean with upload again?

    When manually enabling heaters work there is no reason why it should not work if a longer gcode is send. It is exactly the same function. Would only make sense if the gcode misses the heater commands but in that case sending the same commands would not make a difference.

    I have rechecked and setting a temperature also enables power just like moves do. But you should watch the log closely with such problems. One thing I could think of is that you somehow triggered an error making firmware switch to dry run so ignoring heaters. That would be in log and if you have a lcd it would state def or dec for temperature. If you reconnect it will reset and disable dry run making it work again.
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