Temperature Calibration Tower (which one)

I have been looking for a good temperature calibration tower and there are many many options.. 
The question is "Which one would be better to print for accurate results"?
I have seen several that are very tall and go from 210 down to 160 (which i would think would be reasonable for PLA)
Others suggest printing only a few layers 
Some have thick walls with break away points (presumably to see how well each temp adheres) while others are simple squares with a single wall thickness.

Since this is still a learning project, i would like to get the best value for the filament. I tried to print one last night that did not turn out well, but i think it was in part due to printing supports for it as i could not get all of the support material out of it after printing.

The one i printed was from here.

thoughts.. Opinions...??


  • I'd like to know this too. As well as exactly what to look for. I had printed this exact one with inland PLA and I think it looked best at 196 but none were perfect
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