wrong Extruder Name repetier-Host V2.0.5

please write the Extruder name from the properties also to the 
'extruder slide control' in the main GUI.

nice would be also a temperature indicator for the 
internal temperature (inside electric box)


  • Don‘t think firmwares report this temperature on m105 or did i miss that?
  • for the interior temp it would perhaps need a new g-code command, 
    but would be an interresent tool to display the interior temperature ...
    In principle my request is for the name of the extruder in the main window (repetier host V2.0.5). thank you
  • I see it never uses the names. Will fix that.

    Regarding board temperature - that was never really interesting and relevant. If build correctly it stays in good range and you can add a fan that gets enabled. I think we even do not measure this explicitly. You can use the heated chamber function for this in the future. That temperature will get reported and you can configure it to a dummy heater.
  • Thank You!!
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