Dead Time - Temperature drops after hours


please take a look at my screenshot. Everything works fine for some time (two hours), but then the temperature starts to drop and rise and is out of control...

I can't reproduce this problem yet, and I didn't find some kind of hardware failure... For me it looks like a software bug at the moment. Interesting: Layer Count in Repetier Host jumps back to 1 (instead of Layer 41) at the same time...

What shell we do now to solve this problem?


  • From the graph there is no reason visible for the dropdown. Heating power even increases and temperture goes down. One thing where this happens is if fan sets in full power and also cools the extuder heater and not only the pla. There you get such a drop until PID controller has adjusted to new higher heating requirement. But that is something you must check if it could be the cause. Depending on slicer config this can happen as at the end there is less stuff to print and printer needs to cool more so that might trigger the fans harder.

    Regarding layer reset - never seen this in a normal print. Do you have several separate objects that the Z goes down again? If it is repeatable, please send us the gcode for testing so we can reproduce it.
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