DEV: G33 crashes in to X min

i just got the latest Dev and now when issue a G33 it homes all axis automativ

since my printer is a Mendel90 it homes Z up... and then down with Z again

just before it starts to probe it tries to move X more towards the endstop

settings are the same... will try and go back to the dev i got on 20/7


  • yep that worked... the homing sequence is also different

    not sure what happend.... is there anything i can paste in here that would help anything?
  • We have added a init script for g3e and g32 that should ensure measuring is possible. It will automatically home if not done and go to a safe position to enable z probe. So if you can confirm that g32 in new version does the same i would bet on that function doing it wrong. Then question is why it goes wrong and how to find what part computes position wrong which then would be the reason for the x crash. Would then check this when i am back.
  • i'm not sure when i get the time but will try and aim for within a week

    but i think that the safe position is the thing that does it... are this position something i can control?

    it might not help anything but my config is here:
  • No hurry. I can check only in 2 weeks anyway:-)
  • got some 3d print orders  so not sure when or if i will be able to test it

    but i was asked how repetier host handles multicolor prints and i tried to test it and i got an error

    will post a new thread on that as it might be that i can get the hardware paid if i can get it to work
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