loss of Y position on job complete/travel to park.

I have been using repetier host since initial build and have just recently switched to .92 firmware from marlin. 
prints seem to be completing with no issues, print quality has improved over marlin with the same slicer setting. 
The strange reaction is only when traveling to the Park position after job/kill.
-job completes
-X runs to zero and position is updated in repetier host
-Y runs to zero but position remains the same as the last value at the end of the print
-Z no change (expected)

Could this be caused by turning off the "always check endstops" option?
I'm in the middle of testing full acme leadscrew axis on X and Y and my wiring is a bit clustered so I have disabled the option to avoid issues.
I'm sure I could set up a work around to home Y again and reset the value but that doesn't change the fact that the issue exists. 
Any help is appreciated including workarounds if no solution is available. 


  • No, always check endstops has no influence on this. I guess the firmware reports somewhere a position when host has already send the other parking commands. That can cause the host to update on send message also the position will expire or is expired regarding already send commands. I guess I will add a M114 as last command so this does not happen any more.
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