retract on heat up

I recently changed to .92 firmware from a completely different firmware. I enabled 3mm retract at 170 c. Retract on non-print moves is also enabled in slic3r for the same values. The following happens:
-slice .stl
-click print.
-bed heats up
-all axis home 
-z lift
-extruder heats up
- at ~170 c the extruder begins retracting approx 1 meter of filament untill the extruder stalls suddenly or the filament is ejected out of the extruder backward. 
- if no stall occurs and extruder temp is reached, the extruder drive then runs forward approx the same 1 meter and tries to start the print. 
* I get the same results on 3 different files(from 3 different sources) and at 150c retract and lengths of 1,3, and 5 mm
* I am currently running with the function at 0 and no visable error, but it is a nice feature i would like to be able to use. 


  • I have the same problem.
    I am still investigating. It could be that my command to retrac or feed the filament at a temperature below 150 degree.
    On that moment the extruder does not feed because of the temperature limit.

    I am using 92.2 on a cartesian printer (Mendelmax 1.5)
  • Retract on heatup only gets done on M109 commands. It uses the value from eeprom for retraction amount which should be the distance in mm. Please check your eeprom what you have entered there. I just tries it with success, so I assume somehow the value is simply too large that is stored there for eeprom.
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