Some problems in repetier dev version

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I using repetier firmware with an arduino due, smart ramps and AZSMZ 12864 LCD.
I can not use the stable version because it was not the option of the lcd and smart ramps with epprom, only the dev version was this.

I reporting saveral problem with the auto leveling in the dev version.
1) the X offset and Y offset is not apply during the auto leveling process. For exemple my sensor X offset = 25 and Y offset = 10 in relatation to the hotend. the last corner of the autolevel level is configured to be X=200 Y=300. the possition of the hotend sould be X=175 Y=290. Instead the hotend position is X=200 Y=300.
2) before starting the autoleve the Z move like 10 or more mm up for some reason unkown. Pre raise Z axis was set to "never"

I used the stable version with a ramps and never have any type of problem. It possible to add in the stable version the LCD option "AZSMZ 12864" and the board "smart ramps with epprom"? this way i could continue to use the stable version.



  • Dev version is stable also called dev. It just gets modification all the time that might require new parameter etc. We only change this otherwise stable would not be stable:-) For us stable = fixed.

    I'm pretty sure z probing still works, but you should check the log when doing it. It has some cases where it just stops if you would need to move to illegal positions.So e.g. you need to start at x > 25, y > 10 or it will not activate correctly with offset.
  • Sorry, it was my configuration error for the problem 1.
    I defined P1 and P2 outside the reach in the auto level.

  • Number 2 is normal behaviour, you can set how far Z moves up befor it travells to next probe location.
    Z_PROBE_BED_DISTANCE            [mm] = Max. distance to go back for next test
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