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In my config, i put in "Probe start script" this:

G1 Z3\nG28 X Y\nG1 X100 Y100\nG28 Z\nG1 Z3

The behavior I want is as follows;
  1- Lift the carriage 3mm upwards (avoid hitting anything before homing)
  2- homing X and Y
  3- Move the carriage in the middle of the table
  4- homing Z
  5- Lift the carriage 3mm upwards (not to have the inductive sensor active before auto leveling)
  6 - starts the auto leveling process

It turns out that it is looped in G28 X Y and does not pass this.

In the stable version it works.

Any tips on how to work around this problem?


  • G28 is adding a lot of moves and troublesome sometimes. In general it is not good to have homing in probe start script. That is assumed anyhow. It is more for activating a servo etc, which is not needed with inductive sensors. Also this all interferes with probing where also positions are controlled.
  • 1 2 3 and 4 are all done automatically when you do a 'home' or G28,  if you set homing order
    'z up, x,y,preheat z'  and set pre raise z = allways

    using dev version of firmware
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