Is M300 g-code working?

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Hey @all,

on my Radds with 20x4 Display the M300 Command isn't working anymore. The Beeper works if i turn the knob but with the g-code i won't get any beep?

Can anyone help me?

Edit: M120 is functional. 


  • anyone?
  • That depends on your board and display/beeper. Both use different functions. lcd just turns it on for a while while M300 tries to make a sound with fixed frequency using the tone function. So this requires a free PWM for tone and a direct connection and not over I2C.
  • M120 uses same as lcd so you should use that in case the tone version does not work for some reason.
  • so, why was it working and now it doesnt work anymore after a firmware update?
  • Haven't changed it since it was added, so good question. Need to test it.

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    As a see, there were changes. But M300 still not working here.
    Using DEV version of yesterday.

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