Sound bug

I noticed several time a unsollicited reboot when making long beeps.
Here is a part of my start G-code :
M80                      ; Turn on power
M107                     ; Turn off fan
M140 S90 F1              ; Start bed heating
G91                      ; Use relative coordinates
G1   Z1.5 F600            ; Move nozzle up
G90                      ; Absolute positioning
G28  X0 Y0               ; Home extruder
G1   X104 Y104 F2880     ; Center nozzle
G28  Z0                  ; Home Z
G1   X0 Y0 Z2            ; Move 3mm off the bed
M300 S2500 P1000         ; Beep
G21                      ; Set units to millimeters
M82                      ; Extruder in absolute mode
M190 S90                 ; Wait bed end heating
M300 S2500 P1000         ; Beep
; Wait for all used extruders to reach temperature
M109 T0 S245
M300 S2500 P1000         ; Beep

Since I disabled beeps I had no more reboot.
The problem occur more frequently when bed & extruder are already at target temp.

Same problem with 0.91 & 0.92 on ramps 1.4/mega 2560.


  • That is not a software, but a hardware problem. The high frequency on beeper line causes the avr to trigger reset. Maybe crosstalk maybe just brown out. See log entry on restart what the reset reason is.
  • Ok, thanks, I disabled sound, I'll use external commands to play sound once I'll setup my raspberry with repetier server.
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