Repetier not Working on DaVinci 2.0

Just recently tried flashing repetier to my DaVinci 2.0 duo with 2 fans. But, when the firmware is on the printer, and I try to print anything, the extruders don't heat up or move and the bed doesn't heat up or move as well. It simply says printing and then a percentage, and when it gets to 100% it goes back to the home screen. I have even tried the maintenance to clean the extruders and no luck, says heating and does not heat up at all. In repetier host,  I set it to the right com port and when I tried a test print it gave me error m999. Wondering if I am doing something wrong?


  • Best migth be to use the davinci fork from luc and report the error there if it still exists. That fork is optimized for davinci printers and it's special problems.
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