DUE crashing

Hi Repetier,

I have today had two strange crashes, both while interacting with the printer encoder while it was printing from a repetier server.

Both times I was busy changing a setting when a page flip occurred. 

The first time I was changing the print speed. I though that I accidentally pressed the encoder to exit the menu, so I clicked the encoder again to get to the menu. When the menu opened the speed setting was already selected and turning the encoder(to go down to the speed item) changed the speed. A second later the printer crashed with a "extruder 0: temp sensor defect marked defect" error. It looks like the temperature reading shot up to 410C when I reentered the menu.

The second it I was changing the head temperature when the page flip occurred. I left it as it was after the flip, not wanting to crash it again by reentering the menu. I changed the temp from 210 to 220. As the page flip occured the temp reading jumped to 260C then fell back to 210 where it stayed until it gave a decoupled error.

I'm using a DUE with the devel branch from 2017-02-16. Temp sensor is a AD8495, setting 60.

I don't think this is hardware related, as I did not see this before firmware upgrade from 2016-10-08. And both crashes happened after an unexpected page flip.

Any ideas?

Thank you,


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    When you say page flip you mean it goes to start page? Sounds a bit like the main thread gets interrupted by another menu handling loop not updating temperatures or at least the temperature manager. Do you have watchdog disabled? Would expect it to trigger first as no temp manager means no ping to watchdog. Anyhow, is the behavour repeatable so we could debug a fixed path to see where it comes from?
  • With page flip I mean that it switched to one of the new summary pages, I think there are three or four such pages. When I pressed the encoder it jumped to the new print settings menu, with Print Speed already selected. I can upload logs, but they don't show much.

    To me it looks like some form of memory corruption. Dunno.

    FEATURE_WATCHDOG  is set to 1.

    I have updated to the current devel firmware. Will see what happens. But I am a bit afraid to go in to the menu while printing... :)
  • Maybe the thermocouple wire is damaged. Will investigate...
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