Firmware stop under Auto leveling


On my Delta printer the firmware (0.92.9) simply stop everything after some auto level measuring point. Not finishing the autolevel....
If I set it to 3 point autolevel or n*n point autolevel it stop after 4 point in n*n, no communication and control board simply halt....
No reaction on at key/display input or from host commands, I have to disconnect and connect again with the host.

If I set P1, P2 and P3 for the autolevel to other coordinates, autolevel is working.
Problem is the P1, P2, and P3 has to be relative near to each other (short distance between them), so the autolevel will only cover the middle of the bed and not outer area.

Anybody have an explanation for that?


  • Most of the time the printer stop in middle of auto leveling and reset.....
  • Reset should not happen. Do you have enough free ram? 900 byte would be enough normally but on deltas it is always tight.
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