DEV: Arduino reset during encoder operation on RAMPS

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I recently added some functionality through the configurator, fan controlled by temperature, lights, BLTouch (Z-Probe) and others thing.
From that moment Repetier stopped working on my RAMPS, while "MarlinKimbra" (Marlin) works perfectly.
I also tried with the small LCD and does exactly the same thing.
I know that Arduino Mega 2560 has some obvious memory problems, but I don't understand why MKDuo works without problems.
Put my Configuration.h and a video showing the problem.



  • Such problems occur if you do not leave enough ram for working. Set DELTASEGMENTS_PER_PRINTLINE 20 to free some ram preventing ram overflow and it should get better.
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    Awesome, thanks Roland, now work superfine!
    If you possible please explain me if this affects print quality or speed.
    I think 20 is a good value for a Delta, why it doesn't add as default in your Configurator for RAMPS?
  • I have made it default yesterday. Dev version has some new function requiring memory so deltas got a bit low.

    The change should have no impact on quality and speed. It just can not buffer as much for longer moves but that is all.
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