Z-Axis not functioning correctly

I am trying to build my Ordbot 3D printer and I'm having problems with the settings for the Z azis motors. I have put in a resolution of 2560 steps/mm (8mm threaded rods) but when I try and move 10mm in the Z direction using the Repetier-Host Manual Control in only moves a quarter turn, very slowly, at a rate of about 18 seconds for a full turn. My X and Y axis work fine. Can anyone suggest what I might be doing wrong and what settings I can change.

I have used Repetier configuration tool 0.92.9 to make up my firmware and configuration.h file, Does anyone have a sample file for this type of printer that I can look at. 


  • Sounds correct, but please check what value is stored in eeprom for z axis resolution. Also not that you can not move too fast with that printer. Have the same and z moves only 2-3mm or I start loosing steps. Make sure rods rotate easily and that friction is low.
  • Thanks for the prompt reply. I've checked the rods and even taken the off the gantry weight and still no change. How do I check the eeprom value for the z axis resolution? I am very new to this and this is my first project.

    Can you send me your configuration.h file so I can compare? 
  • Repetier host 'manual' controls have there own speed settings in RH/config/printer settings/printer. maybe you need to adjust the Z feed rate 
  • I have just found where I can change the eeprom settings and they were incorrect. It now works fine, at least until my next problem. 
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