DEV: Compilation problem on RAMPS after commit "c20ec0e0e5fe1ac93f83bf65e279dc9b2cd7a18b"

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Please check, the latest working commit, without compilation problems, is "1c8f96028171dad2a3df14b937d4d7e2c4565c6d".



  • For me it compiles, so it depends on your configuration combination. Would help more if you copy the error message so I know where the problem happens.
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    Try with this "Configuration.h", created with the on-line configurator.
    If i disable the "DISTORTION_CORRECTION" i can compile without problems, but dunno why:
  • The error:

    C:\Users\Marco\AppData\Local\Temp\build4484802863840003197.tmp\Printer.cpp: In member function 'int32_t Distortion::correct(int32_t, int32_t, int32_t) const':
    C:\Users\Marco\AppData\Local\Temp\build4484802863840003197.tmp\Printer.cpp:2611:88: error: 'xCorrectionSteps' was not declared in this scope
           Com::printF(PSTR(" ix= "), fxFloor); Com::printF(PSTR(" fx= "), (float)fx/(float)xCorrectionSteps,3);
    C:\Users\Marco\AppData\Local\Temp\build4484802863840003197.tmp\Printer.cpp:2612:90: error: 'yCorrectionSteps' was not declared in this scope
           Com::printF(PSTR(" iy= "), fyFloor); Com::printFLN(PSTR(" fy= "), (float)fy/(float)yCorrectionSteps,3);
    Errore durante la compilazione
  • Ok, that code was not meant to be run anyway (hence if(false) but now I commented it so it now compiles. Thanks.
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