Radds + LCD

Hi, I have Radds control board on Arduino Due and Full Graphic LCD.
LCD is configured in uiconfig.h by this link: https://github.com/luc-github/DUE-RADDS-GLCD
Repetier firmware is 1.0.0dev.

When printing from SD Card, print are stuttering (not moving smoothly). Please see videos for more understanding: and

When I go to menu in LCD, all is good without stuttering. Now i have UI_AUTORETURN_TO_MENU_AFTER set to 0 and I am in menu during all printing time.

I also playing with "MOVE_CACHE_LOW" and "lowTicksPerMove", but no response.

In my opinion is to fast refresh rate on LCD with combination an 32bit control board.

Please, can You help me with this issue? Thank You.

Sorry for my poor english ;)


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    your printer is not homed, think that´s the reason.(i refer to second video)
    start homing before printing then the ??? flickering disappears and coords are shown

    looking at video 1 i see your buffer is running low and also stuttering happens in curves,
    think too many respectively too short segments.
  • Second video is for demonstration only how fast the LCD refreshing. It is good view on coordinates section screen. My all prints is homing with G28 g-code.

    Yes, it is stuttering in curves or small segments. But when I go to the menu on the LCD, the stuttering discontinue. First video determine this.
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    try to increase your buffer , should help

    in configuration.h

    ** \brief Number of moves we can cache in advance.

    This number of moves can be cached in advance. If you wan't to cache more, increase this. Especially on
    many very short moves the cache may go empty. The minimum value is 5.
    #define PRINTLINE_CACHE_SIZE 50   

    original is 32 , my setup is 80.

    another question , as development version changes often, when did you download it?
  • I downloaded latest version of dev firmware (today). PRINTLINE_CACHE_SIZE set to 96, but I have still same issue.
  • The display is refreshing too fast. Are you using the original firmware or some clone? In original update frequency is 800ms or 1000ms and in your case it is much faster. Display updates also when a action is triggered, but that should not the case during print without touching anything.
  • I use original repetier firmware 1.0.0dev. Yesterday I downloaded latest 1.0.0dev release and upload to printer.
  • That is definitvely using right refresh rate.

    Please try a new config, just set board and display, no eeprom (so save your values from being changed) and upload. Now you should see ?? and coords switching much slower. If that is the case, whcih I assume, one of your settings causes updates. As I said as soon as a UI_ACTION gets triggered it will refresh screen. 
  • I try a new config. Without too fast refreshing. I find the problem in UI_PAGES_DURATION set to 0. When I change this value, all is good. Thank You very much ;)
  • Ok, 0 is quite fast:-)
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