Melzi 2.0 BLTouch Servo Pin A4 how to define the PIN ?

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first thanks to this great printer firmware, with the Online Conifgurator it's easy for beginner as me.
First a few facts which hardware and whats my problem:

Melzi 2.0 Board + 5 Button LCD
Repetier 0.92.9 (working good without Z-Probing&Servo)
BLTouch Probe
I want Z-probing with the BLTouch probe:

1. Wired is the BLTouch as in this post: (BLTouch Endstop wire is on Z-Endstop on the Melzi + Servo Signal on the PIN A4)
2.Configuration.h is setup with the configuration tool as in this thread:
3. The problem is the PIN A4 (the producer of the BLTouch said: Please add below at "pins_SANGUINOLOLU_11.h"
#define SERVO0_PIN A4 )
I know this is for marlin. But how should i define the PINs ? In the configuration tool i can't select Analog Input PINs.Only Digital PINs and when i select Digital PIN 4, my fan doesn't work after this change.

Here is the schematic from the Melzi board:


Can someone help me ?


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