BLTouch Configuration on Makergear M2 with Rambo

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I made an account so I could share my configuration for the BLTouch using Repetier Firmware 0.92.9.

I used the configuration tool and here are the important settings:
Under Features:
Enable Z-Probing and Servo-Support
Z-Probe pin was Z_max_endstop for my printer
Probe height 8
Probe start script M340 P0 S700
Probe finished script M340 P0 S1500

Servo configuration:
Set Servo 0 to the correct pin (I used the Motor Extensions on my board)

G31 should return HIGH.
M340 P0 S1200 puts the probe in parking position.
G31 should now return LOW.
M340 P0 S1500 puts the probe in parking position.

I only use G30 to manually measure the distance to the bed for easier manual calibration so I can't say anything about using G33 but everything should work fine after you tested with the code above.


  • I testet this. But it doesnt work. :-(
    Which endstop do you use?

  • have you a Z min endstop switch ? It look's to be the problem if you dont have a regular Z-min endstop switch + the bl-touch...

    The way repetier choose and persit to digg to manage autoleveling is just... shitty !!!
    Sometimes, what make you noble, is to recognize a mistake, the way marlin choose to do autoleveling using the same Z-min pin is definitly the best one :(

    I brought the repetier server, but I cant use repetier firmware any more because of my Bl-touch...
  • I totally agree. Repetier has too much problems with bltouch. Marlin works. Repetier does not. period.
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