What happened to z axis that causes high pitched tone when trying to move motors?

January 10'th download I can move my z axis. November 6th, I get I high pitched noise when trying to move my z axis.
When I try to move by .1 mm they seem to move. Seems like a bug or a default setting somewhere I don't want.
Previously I had a much lower tone and the motors moved reliably.
Anyone know what changed?
X and Y axis seem to move reliably still.


  • That sound are steps you are loosing. This is due to acceleration or end speed to high. Try lowering them in eeprom and see if it starts working. Rod based systems should have accelerations of 50-100.
  • edited November 2016
    I will look for those values and see if I can make it work.
  • Thanks much!
    I changed the Z-axis acceleration and Z-axis travel acceleration from 100 to 10 first and then to 80
    In both cases the motors worked correctly. Appreciate the help!
  • seems like an aswered question.. i'm not going to interfere.. 

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