Just configured and downloaded DEV firmware and when compling arduino ide says "#error You defined hardware z max endstop without pin assignment. Set pin number for Z_MAZ_PIN"

But i did assign original max endstop pin in the firmware configurator and when i upload configuration.h to edit in configurator, it says " z max pin".

Is this a bug or am i doing some wrong?

It works with configured ver. 0.92 but not DEV firmware.

I have a Z-probe so i mounted a z max endstop after reading here on the forum that it's good to have ;)
Everything works perfect (so far, still tweaking the settings) with ver. 0.92 regarding z-probing.


  • You use the symbolic name so it depends on pins.h board definition if that name has a assigned pin. What board are you using?

    What always works is selecting explicitly the pin number from the dropdown.
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     Thanks for supporting in this matter.

    I'm using a mega 2560 with ramps on cartesian printer.
     Think i found the problem, i DID assign the pin in configurator AND i DID asign ramps 1.4, BUT, now when i look in the config, it's melzi board thats choosen so in some way just that option did not "stick" apparently :P

    Trying again now and doing some double checking this time ;)

    Thanks anyway for a realy nice firmware thats growing more and more to be closer to the ultimate firmware, keep up the realy good work :)

    Yepp, now it seems to work :P
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