Self build firmware/ config help!

Hello all,

I wanted to start 3d printing so designed and built my printer a few months back using mostly laser cut and folded parts and components off eBay.
I am a mechanical design engineer, so the mechanical side if the build was ok, however, I am new to 3d printers and am have been struggling a great amount with the firmware and configurations.
I cannot seem to get the limit switches to work, nor do i know how to set the home position.
I have uploaded repetier firmware, and can make the motors move through the host, however only in one direction and they also ignore the optical end switches and crash through them.
I managed to get the heat bed and extruder to head up yesterday, however i turned them on this morning and almost burned down my desk when the wire supplying power got too hot! I replaced the wire and the bed no longer heats up! (No voltage to the green terminals)
I just found the firmware instalation document on this site, and reading through, is the EEPROM used after the initial firmware upload to change settings? (and update the firmware).
Even after reading about it, I am not sure I understand.
Up to this point i have been uploading the firmware in auduino, uploading to the board, then using the manual control in repetier host to see if the changes are benifitial.
The changes seem to be fighting the host front end
Any help or recommended reading/ walkthroughs would be much appreciated.
I will upload some photos when I work out how to!


  • Use M119 to check the endstops are working or not. You have only 4 combos and for optical endstops I can already say they are electronic so leaving only 2 depending on high = triggered or not. If they are high you can not move in the endstop direction (at least if always check endstops is enabled, otherwise you can). Since you can only move in one direction and you say they overrun endstop I guess there is also an error in direction or you have put the endstops on wronf side. x min endstop is for x = 0.

    Host can show you what is stored in eeprom. Reuploading with same EEPROM_MODE does not change these values so modifying them in config makes no sense and it is much faster to do it in eeprom. M502 + M500 would recopy config values to eeprom, so do that only if you have updated all config parameter you changed in eeprom or they are lost.
  • Thats great, thank you.
    The eeprom values, are they changed using host?
  • Yes, when connected just select config->Firmware EEPROM Configuration to see and change them.
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