Heaters out of control when uploading file via usb. Very dangerous bug.

Hi guys,There is one big issue with the firmware.

When I was uploading gcode to sd card via usb using repetir host, the hotend seems to be uncontrolled by firmware and gets really hot. My has reached about 300 C deg. and peak has melt down and burned. Luckily  I was nearby and my home did not burned. 

The bug is very easy to reproduce: 

1. set any target temperature on your hot end
2. upload large gcode file to the sdcard inserted in your board
3. wait and monitor hot end temperature. Be prepared to disconnect power supply any moment.

after uploading the file, firmware gets control over the heaters back. 

The same thing applies to the hotbed.

I think You should mark this with some higher priority, due to losses that can cause this error.



  • Just tried what you said, but it worked as expected. Apart from the missing update of temperatures in host due to fact that it is sending a file and can not add M105, temperatures still got controlled on printer side as lcd display showed.

    What firmware version were you using and what motherboard did you use? I tried development version, but that part has not changed from last 0.92 release.
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