Repetier 0.92.9 printing mid air

edited May 2016 in General
hi all, i am having a really weird issue with repetier firmware:

basically, when printing, the first layer is printed at about 2mm (i'm guessing) from the bed, HOWEVER, if i do a "dry run", the nozzle has the correct distance. 

i'm going insane trying to figure this out. i don't understand why the dry run works perfectly and the actual print is bugged.

btw, my board is ramps 1.4, printer is i3 acrylic.

i can provide my configuration.h if needed, however i don't think that's wrong cause as i said, the dry run works correctly and i have not set any extruder offset...

forgot to mention that i'm using repetierhost 1.6.1 and slic3r

...and compiling with Arduino 1.6.9


  • nvm, fixed it. redid the configuration from scratch, probably it was some parameter about z-probe or bed correction that slipped the first time

    i don't think that those should be enabled by default tho
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