delta printer stepper motor always run with same gear ratio (1/10 of the right one)

I try to setup my DUE+RADDS+RAPS128 hardware. I setup the RAPS128 to 128 microsteps (all dip switches on). I set X,Y,Z axis to 800 steps per mm because I have a GT2 and 16 teeth geer wheel installed.

I did a Z height command from repetier host of "10". The result is a movement of 1 mm. When I change X,Y,Z axis to 8000 or X,Y,Z axis to 80 steps per mm it has absolutely no effect -> always a movement of 1 mm. So my system seems to run always with 80 steps per mm.

When I enter the command from the LCD it is also the same result. I didn´t have installed my Hall-E endstops until now... (I think it should have no influence to the test of the stepper gear ratio)


  • Change your steps per mm in eeprom. I guess you do it in configuration.h and that normally does not overwrite eeprom values which have precedence. Use host/server eeprom editor to set values.
  • Thank you!
    Now it´s working fine :-)
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