Due firmware won't compile out of the box with Arduino SAM board package 1.6.7

I am no programmer, so sorry if I misunderstood things.
I installed the AdditionalArduinoFiles as per instructions, but the Arduino compiler complains about an "undefined reference to `g_pinStatus'" for several of the standard files (wiring_analog.c etc.)
I checked the original (1.6.7) variant.cpp file, it has an extra definition: 
 uint8_t g_pinStatus[PINS_COUNT] = {0};

When I add this to the "variant.cpp" file in the arduino_due_repetier folder, it does compile.
I hope this helps.


  • Will check it, thanks.

    Latest arduinos do not need the repetier version as tests showed. They now have a new way to handle watchdog initialization that allows it to enable watchdog.
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