Rumba Pinout


in the RUMBA section of pins.h, the temp pins are IMHO wrong - or don't fit the names on the PCB. In the pins.h it's:

#define TEMP_0_PIN         15   // ANALOG NUMBERING
#define TEMP_2_PIN         14   // ANALOG NUMBERING
#define TEMP_3_PIN         13   // ANALOG NUMBERING
//optional for extruder 4 or chamber: #define TEMP_2_PIN         12   // ANALOG NUMBERING
#define TEMP_1_PIN       11   // ANALOG NUMBERING

But after reading the schematics here I changes my pins.h to this and it works:

//Pins selbst herausgelesen: Temp0=15, Temp1=14, Temp2=13, Temp3=12, TempHB=11

#define TEMP_0_PIN         15   // ANALOG NUMBERING
#define TEMP_1_PIN         14   // ANALOG NUMBERING
#define TEMP_2_PIN         13   // ANALOG NUMBERING
#define TEMP_3_PIN         12   // ANALOG NUMBERING
#define TEMP_HB_PIN        11   // ANALOG NUMBERING

Please double check, but here's definately a problem when I use the original values.

Cheers, Ralf


  • Only if you do not know that 1 is reserved for heated bed, so temp_2_pin is for second extruder. There is no TEMP_HB_PIN at all. that is TEMP_1_PIN and all subsequent numbers are shifted down compared to marlin code.
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