Pause error!!!

configuration tool for version 0.92 

I set the script to PAUSE_START_COMMANDS "G1 x10 y100 z200 f1000"
During printing, I put on pause - printer buffer empties and goes very quickly on the Y axis in the direction of max_end until it stops. Then it performs the normal rest of the team on the axes x10 z200.


  • Yes, that is the programmed behaviour. In sdcard pause you have


    which goes first into pause position = ymax with 50% of max speed. If this is too fast you should correct your max. feedrate for y moves.

    After that your personal commands get executed. Which is exactly what you described.
  • Good! and how to make a few commands in a script?? 

    for example  G1 x10 y100 z200 f1000 
                     M104 s0
  • // These commands get executed after storing position and going to park position.
    #define PAUSE_START_COMMANDS "G1 x10 y100 z200 f1000\nM104 S0"
    // These commands get executed before we go to stored position.
    #define PAUSE_END_COMMANDS ""

    But be aware that continuing will be done with disabled/cold extruder so it will fail. So add a enable/wait extruder temp command in end script.
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