SD print stopped by user

But I did not touch anything. Weird:

21:05:47.565 : N62358 M27 *60
21:05:48.033 : ok 62357
21:05:48.064 : T:254.75 /255 B:98.76 /100 B@:255 @:234
21:05:48.064 : ok 62358
21:05:48.064 : SD printing byte 345632/1020673
21:05:49.843 : N62359 M27 *61
21:05:49.858 : ok 62359
21:05:49.858 : SD printing byte 345976/1020673
21:05:49.952 : N62360 M105 *6
21:05:49.952 : ok 62360
21:05:49.983 : T:254.75 /255 B:98.99 /100 B@:255 @:91
21:05:52.136 : N62361 M27 *54
21:05:52.136 : ok 62361
21:05:52.136 : SD printing byte 346494/1020673
21:05:53.009 : N62362 M105 *4
21:05:53.041 : ok 62362
21:05:53.072 : T:254.50 /255 B:99.38 /100 B@:255 @:202
21:05:54.429 : N62363 M27 *52
21:05:54.429 : ok 62363
21:05:54.429 : SD printing byte 347125/1020673
21:05:55.195 : SD print stopped by user.
21:05:55.195 : N62364 M114 *2
21:05:55.211 : ok 62364
21:05:56.069 : N62365 M105 *3
21:05:58.253 : TargetExtr0:0
21:05:58.300 : Printed filament:39.58m Printing time:0 days 9 hours 20 min
21:05:58.300 : TargetExtr0:0
21:05:58.300 : TargetExtr0:0
21:05:58.300 : TargetExtr0:0

It is a mendel3 I just made, with 3 extruders and 0.92.6 firmware. May well be user error, but I dont know where to start looking for problems.


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    And if it helps: It was a cached print. Ramps 1.4, D1 cut. More than enough amps on the power supply (one 30A for bed, one 24A for everything else), and it was connected to the computer when it failed (windows, since repetier host on mac is very old). The arduino is powered via the 24A supply, 12v. 

    I am now trying without a USB connection. Hope it was another windows issue and that it prints OK this time
  • There are only 2 ways to get this message. You select stop print in menu, but that has security question so unlikely to hit. The other is if firmware detects a defect temperature sensor. In that case it writes a error message to log which I do not see.

    So now I'm a bit uncertain. Did you do somehow the unlikely or did it forget to write the defect reason. If you see this happen again while connected, please try if you can set temperature. If you can, it was not from a defect sensor detection.
  • Thank you. That helps a lot, I know where to look now :)

    What you say makes sense -  I have had a few problems with the decouple functionality. At first it gave me decouple errors (dec) in the display a lot. I increased the decouple detection to 5 mins on the hotend and 10 minutes on the bed. (I will never run it like this without watching it every second, as it is not safe.) But that didnt make it happy.

    Im using a cheapo thermocouple and its sensor board (MAX6675) from china. 40w china heater cartridge.

    The strange (and dangerous) thing is that the temperature on the LCD froze, it did not show decouple (dec) errors.
    Also, the temperature graph just showed a straight line, while the heater kept heating. Pressing the "stop" button on the lcd made the temperature display work again - at one point it was way past 300 degrees while the display and the graph had stopped updating at around 250 - and after the "reset" it displayed the correct temp (300+) again.

    I have replaced the thermocouple. That seemed to helpe a tiny bit, not sure, but it still shows bad behaviour. 

    Have just replaced all TC related wiring, and also the arduino.  

    (I can of course replace the TC with a beta 3950 thermistor if I am not able to make the thermocouple work, but its a lot of work so I hope to get it working with this TC - and everything else is geared towards temps up to 300 without melting, so I hope to be able to use very high temps on this printer.)

    Testing again now, have switched on the logging in preferences, and have switched to dead time heat manager. Set the max pid integral drive to 225, as that is what it needs to reach more than 255 degrees. 

    Will post an update when I know more.

  • Almost. It failed around here:
    > 01:34:30.129 : ok 47891
    < 01:34:30.129 : N47897 G1 X60.958 Y98.88 E5.75965 *121
    > 01:34:30.394 : ok 47892
    < 01:34:30.394 : N47898 G1 X59.824 Y98.172 E5.82948 *69
    > 01:34:31.408 : TargetExtr0:0
    > 01:34:31.439 : Printed filament:28.79m Printing time:0 days 4 hours 0 min
    > 01:34:31.439 : TargetExtr0:0
    > 01:34:31.455 : TargetExtr0:0
    > 01:34:31.455 : TargetExtr0:0
    > 01:34:31.455 : TargetBed:0
    > 01:34:31.533 : ok 47893
    < 01:34:31.533 : N47899 M105 *12
    < 01:34:31.548 : N47900 G1 X58.907 Y97.193 E5.89959 *79

    I have the whole log if that helps, but dont know how to upload it.

    It was printing OK, and I adjusted the temperature up/down several times during the print. 
    When it failed I had turned the temperature down to 245. A while later I noticed the extruder (T0) had stopped extruding and the target temp for bpth bed and hotend was at 0.
    The stepper was disabled as I could turn it manually.
    The printer was still printing,  both of the Y motors, both the z motors and the x motor were still moving.
    but the extruders were not extruding and I couldnt get them going again, 

    I was able to turn the temperature back up, and it started heting again, but the extruder wouldnt go. I paused the print and I tried enabling all steppers (M code) but it still refused to turn. I disabled/enabled all steppers but no joy,

    At least the temperatures didnt go wild this time.

    Could it be som extruder jam checking that cause it to set temps to 0 and disable the steppers? Could it be a stepper timeout issue?

    All extruders are on a separate cnc shield with 4 steppers (I use three of them). They all share the same enable pin - pin 4. One of the servo pins. Is this a bad idea?

    Will continue looking for trouble tomorrow, Will look into thr extrudr jam functionality, Maybe thats what got me this timrë

    I really likethe repetier firmware and I have to make it work.Good night. Back tomorrow :)
  • Jam detection can also disable heaters but also pauses the print when it does and is configured to. You have several actions available on what to do on detection.
  • An idea: could a fast drop in temperature cause the extruders and heaters to switch off, while x/y/z movement continues?

    The print started to come loose from the bed and it didnt need to be pretty. So I poured some acetone/abs solution on the areas where it was coming loose. This in turn must have lowered the bed and nozzle temp.

    I am worried about temps rising out of control and I want it to die if that happens - but in the case og falling temps I would lilke the print to continue even if it the drop is large.

    Good thing: the part I printed was usable even if it stopped a bit early :)
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    Yes, a requested decrease in temperature may even trigger decoupling. I just tested this by starting the print at 255 degrees, then reducing temp to 245. After a short while it "error-beeped" and said:
    17:45:55.099 : N1927 G1 X163.955 Y49.168 E17.82874 *119
    17:45:55.365 : Error:One heater seems decoupled from thermistor - disabling all for safety!
    17:45:55.365 : Error:Temp. raised to slow. Rise = 0.00 after 15975 ms
    17:45:58.199 : TargetExtr0:0

    It is a bit backwards that the "temp raised too slow" routine is also triggered triggered when the temp is meant to go down.
  • and again....
    > 20:32:10.701 : ok 23628
    > 20:32:10.701 : SD printing byte 434714/1471800
    < 20:32:12.932 : N23629 M27 *58
    > 20:32:12.963 : ok 23629
    > 20:32:12.963 : SD printing byte 435003/1471800
    < 20:32:13.587 : N23630 M105 *3
    > 20:32:13.603 : ok 23630
    > 20:32:13.619 : T:244.25 /245 B:99.38 /100 B@:255 @:255
    < 20:32:15.225 : N23631 M27 *51
    > 20:32:15.678 : ok 23631
    > 20:32:15.693 : SD printing byte 435921/1471800
    < 20:32:16.645 : N23632 M105 *1
    > 20:32:16.645 : ok 23632
    > 20:32:16.645 : T:245.25 /245 B:99.16 /100 B@:255 @:0
    < 20:32:17.519 : N23633 M27 *49
    > 20:32:17.550 : ok 23633
    > 20:32:17.550 : SD printing byte 436941/1471800
    < 20:32:19.703 : N23634 M105 *7
    > 20:32:19.718 : ok 23634
    > 20:32:19.718 : T:245.50 /245 B:99.10 /100 B@:255 @:0
    < 20:32:19.812 : N23635 M27 *55
    > 20:32:19.874 : ok 23635
    > 20:32:19.874 : SD printing byte 437266/1471800
    < 20:32:22.110 : N23636 M27 *52
    > 20:32:22.344 : ok 23636
    > 20:32:22.344 : SD printing byte 437398/1471800
    < 20:32:22.758 : N23637 M105 *4
    > 20:32:22.867 : ok 23637
    > 20:32:22.883 : T:243.75 /245 B:99.16 /100 B@:255 @:255
    < 20:32:24.396 : N23638 M27 *58
    > 20:32:24.833 : ok 23638
    > 20:32:24.833 : SD printing byte 437453/1471800
    > 20:32:25.504 : SD print stopped by user.
    < 20:32:25.504 : N23639 M114 *10
    < 20:32:25.831 : N23640 M105 *4
    > 20:32:27.641 : TargetExtr0:0
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    the display said standby. so I guess Printer::kill was called, as that is the only place this text is referenced.
    it was an sd print, and I was watching tv in the other room.

    trying again now, with KILL_IF_SENSOR_DEFECT = 0

    Wish me luck. The fire extinguisher is next to the printer ;)

    This is weird. It seems to always happen after an hour or so. I think I am on to something, instead of the scary KILL_IF_SENSOR_DEFECT = 0 I will set all inactive times/timeouts to 0, and try again.

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    Success - finally! 

    I changed to this:

    #define MAX_INACTIVE_TIME 0L
    (they used to be very high, I think  it was 3600000, which I assumed was 1 hour.
    I may try to increase them, not sure.)

    Just completed a 1,5 hr print via USB. No issues whatsoever. I do hope it lasts. Nice looking result as well. 

    Current settings:
    #define EXT0_DECOUPLE_TEST_PERIOD 60000
     (will try to reduce these - for added safety - and see if anything breaks)

     (will increase this back to default 1)

    #define MAXTEMP 265
    #define FEATURE_WATCHDOG 1

    (I like repetier. After looking at the source code it seems a lot more tidy than Marlin, and I also like the userpins.h option and the single configuration file. 

    I will probably switch to repetier on my other printer, my laser cutter and my soon to be CNC machine as well. My initial reason to try Repetier was that Marlin just didnt want to work with 3 extruders, two Y steppers and two Z steppers.)
  • Fast temperature drop can be a problem. A user had a fan blowing at the heater not filament so when it turned on he got a decoupled error. After fixing the fan direction it started working.

    I will check if cooling case is handled correctly. Never have prints that cool so that is maybe not tested to the edge.
  • I think the problem was my insane values for timeouts (stepper inactive and/or max inactive). After fixing them I have been able to do several 2 hr long prints. So this is really my own fault. Nobody needs 360000 seconds (=100 hours) timeouts...

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