Crashing during print

I have a printer with Azteeg X3 Pro Board with Viki 2 Full Graphics LCD display
It is configured for dual z driver and dual x driver
Extruder is a cyclops single hot end dual extruder
I have attempted to print from Repetier host using Slic3r as the slice program
In every instance regardless of printing over USB or printing from SD the it crashes mid print usually within the first 10 layers
It appears to just be resetting the controller. When i look at the display it just says printer ready
I have sliced the part and run the same part with the same parameters through simplify 3d and the part prints without problems
I have no idea what is going on with repetier host\firmware or slic3r to cause this problem but i think it needs to be looked at


  • To look at it we would need to find the reason and that is not possible without your exact setup. Many users are printing happily with this combination of software. What I think is simplify 3d creates a bit different gcode. Maybe moving a bit slower or some other minor difference. And that is enough to not trigger reset. 

    First step would be to watch the hosts log. After a reset the firmware writes the reset reason into log. If it is a brown out, your power unit just sag too low in voltage. This can happen if you are near the edge and enough power consumer start running the same time. Until this it might be good but if then e.g. bed joins to 3 motors you are in trouble.
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