EEPROM Setting Won't Stay Set

This has been a pain in my butt for a while. Every time I print I have to change all of the firmware settings on the EEPROM, and I am hesitant to keep this up because it takes a lot of time and MCU's have a limited re-write lifespan meaning eventually I'll need to buy a new RAMPS and ARDUINO board for the printer. 

When I'm done on my printer I disconnect the USB and I unplug its PSU to shut off all power so I don't randomly get any fire issues. When I go back in either it has been restored to the factory settings or every changeable option is red and it can't read in whats stored, causing me to have to reset it.

Has anyone had these options? Could I modify the Marlin firmware and just flash it to change the Factory Default?


  • EEPROM is supposed to survive 100000 writes on AVR.

    Why are you talking about Marlin? If that is your firmware you are wrong here.

    Also what do you mean with eeprom values red? If it always set back to factory default why not setting factory default correctly? I'm a bit confused.
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    Sorry if I was confusing. I though the EEPROM write limit was closer to 1000 so that's good to know.

    I was asking if I need to directly modify the values in the firmware (Marlin) and flash the modified firmware to the board so theoretically the correct values will be there by default.

    When it is all disconnected and powered off, when I power it back on, connect, and go to the firmware window all of the values (steps per mm, speeds, acceleration) are blank. When a value is blank or incorrctly typed the text area turns red is what I meant.Even after I click to read from the board the values still stay empty. They don't show up until I hit the reset button on the board then the values that show up are the default.

    I believe it is using the default when I can't see the values because the PID on the bed seems to make it take much longer to heat up compared to when I enter its calibrated PID settings in. But I may be wrong on this.

    Essentially, I don't want to keep up the repetitive task of re-entering the values for my printer each time I power it on, or I want to know if the correct setting are in there even though Repetier can't read them.
  • I'd just like to add another note. I reconnected everything and the EEPROM opened with all the default settings. It doesn't always come up blank. It is either blank or reset.
  • Ok, i understand the red comment now.

    I'm not very experienced in Marlin so I can not say. Are you sure you have eeprom enabled for Marlin? Otherwise I'd ask in a Marlin forum for better answers on Marlin behaviour.
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