E-axis STEP-signal and advance algorithm


I mentioned this in another thread, but I can confirm this as a bug that is why i am re-posting the issue in this section.

CoreXY machine
latest Repetier FW 0923

With advance enabled, the STEP-signal of the E-axis becomes a flat line after a few layers of printing. This does NOT happen when advance is disabled and was verified several times in a row. Extrusion STEP-signal is measured using an oscilloscope throughout the entire procedure.

I look forward on your thoughts on this!



  • I believe this bug relates to the changes described in this post:
  • I have tried printing with advance enabled and also failed, so there is something going wrong. I had no time so far to figure out why this happens but will keep trying.
  • Advance has improved my print quality significantly before - and I really hope it will also work soon with RADDS.

    Thanks in advance for looking into this!

  • Ok, I think i found it. At least I could print until the end now. Interrupt for extruder made a 27 minute delay on some changes, so would you wait long enough it would execute your extruder moves with some delay :-)

    New version is online and I hope it helps. Even with 1mm move I could not see a difference with bowden. I guess bowden simply needs too much movement for an effect.
  • I have downloaded the newest version and was able to finish some prints without issues using advance - and quality is finally good :)

    Thank you for the update!

    One thing that still looks weird, but doesn't make much of a problem: Z-axis moves a few mm when advance is enabled through the EEPROM.
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