Unknown rows in Configuration.h

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I'm traing to tune up mu printer and read a lot in the Firmware settings. When I compare my current Configuration.h with the new ones that I made, I found some differences for wich I can't found any descriptions, nor where from they come:
The first groupe is this:

#define ZHOME_HEAT_ALL 1
#define ZHOME_X_POS 999999
#define ZHOME_Y_POS 999999

The second is this:




I guess, thous settings are important too, but I'm not sure how they will change the work of the printer. And because I'm affraid to made any changes without knowing what exactly I do, I ask for some help.

Thanks in advance

P.S. My Z probe works, but I'm not sure is it works correctly.


  • First group is only important for home order HOME_ORDER_ZXYTZ as described in config/** Set order of axis homing. Use HOME_ORDER_XYZ and replace XYZ with your order. 
     * If you measure Z with your extruder tip you need a hot extruder to get right measurement. In this
     * case set HOME_ORDER_ZXYTZ and also define ZHOME_HEAT_HEIGHT and ZHOME_MIN_TEMPERATURE. It will do
     * first a z home to get some reference, then raise to ZHOME_HEAT_HEIGHT do xy homing and then after
     * heating to minimum ZHOME_MIN_TEMPERATURE will z home again for correct height.   
     * */
    Second part:
    /* Z-Probing */

    /* After homing the z position is corrected to compensate
    for a bed coating. Since you can change coatings the value is stored in
    eeprom if enabled, so you can switch between different coatings without needing
    to recalibrate z.
    #define Z_PROBE_Z_OFFSET 0 // offset to coating form real bed level
    /* How is z min measured
     0 = trigger is height of real bed neglecting coating
     1 = trigger is current coating
     For mode 1 the current coating thickness is added to measured z probe distances.
     That way the real bed is always the reference height. For inductive sensors
     or z min endstops the coatng has no effect on the result, so you should use mode 0.
    #define Z_PROBE_Z_OFFSET_MODE 0

  • Thank's a lot!

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