Hi RAyWb I built the printer myself when I retired a t 67 I am now 79. I am just starting to use g code and have never done C++ or programming before I did some Basic years ago. I Built a self finding Z switch by using the spindle of the ER11 Motor and the Bed and some custom hardware onto the  z- pins on the board. (Sainsmart 2 in1 card) I can get the chance tool to work if I add  G codes just before the Chang tool position in the Estlcam code. IE 1 Go z 60 2 Go x0 3 Go y0 4 G4 S60 5 G28 This gives me 1 min to change tool and the self finding z switch adjusts Z home to the length of the new tool. But would like to make it work automatically. Stop and wait show on lcd and start when lcd is button pressed Even if I can get it to wait until  button is pressed this would be an improvement on my current way the problem is cant seem to g4  pause without adding S time. I cant get g4 wait for lcd button. I hope this makes sense to you. Thanks Gb 9:03PM Comment


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