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  • I finally got back on the internet.  Unfortunately my cnc machine uses old acme leadscrews, and although I put antibacklash nuts on them, they still have a little backlash, but your backlash compensation setting is working great so far.  I think the…
  • I'm sorry, I don't have internet at my house, and I'm thinking through this as I type.  I now realize the momentary pause in motion in one axis, is likely to wait for the backlash to be made up for in the other axis.  Seems to make sense to me now. …
  • I meant to say midway through the move, there is always a sudden stop then restart motion, using backlash compensation. 
  • I think it's related to using backlash compensation.  I also noticed that a backlash compensation axis will move strangely.  There is the expected lurch when the stepper changes direction, but then midway through the move, there will be a sudden sta…
  • Ah, got it.  In my application resolution is frequently changed, but resetting the connection seems to be a workable solution. Thanks again, Jesse
  • OK thanks, that's fine. Jesse
  • Thank you for the suggestion.  I am going to try something else first where I take the signal through a second micro controller,.  We will see how that goes.   Have a great day! Jesse
  • Thanks Martin!  That's a life saver.Jesse
  • Wow thanks for the fast response and if it would be that easy that would be awesome.  I added #define START_STEP_WITH_HIGH 0to the manual tab for the Firmware Configuration Tool, but doing that seems to cause no step signals to be sent out from the…
  • Wanted to first say thanks for the absolutely awesome firmware, host, and configuration tool!  I'm now using it to operate a diy cnc tube plasma cutter, and with the optoisolators being used for step and direction signals for the drivers, need to ha…