Possible to home two axises at same time?

Hello!  I'm using Repetier for a custom manufacturing machine in which there are two spools, each driven independently by a stepper motor.   Plastic film comes off one spool, and goes onto the other, and one spool has a larger diameter than the other, hence the motor's steps per mm setting must each be different, and hence each is controlled as a separate axis (say X and Y).  This works fine, until I need to perform a homing operation, in which an opaque mark on the plastic film needs to stop when it reaches a slot photo interrupter.  It appears that Repetier can only home one axis at a time, which wouldn't work in this case since the two spools (X and Y) must be driven simultaneously.  Might there be any solution to this problem?


  • Stock repetier will never do this as this is nothing a printer needs or would be good for a printer. But it is of course possible to do. For Z axis we do this if you have 2 z motors and 2 endstops. But that has same steps per mm.

    Your solution is to replace homing routine in printer.cpp with your own version. Make there a move to both axis and only stop the axis that ha salready hit endstop, just like we did for dual z axis.
  • Thank you for the suggestion.  I am going to try something else first where I take the signal through a second micro controller,.  We will see how that goes.  
    Have a great day!
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