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  • fabiomaticus said: ... - when you open a project, in the gcode files besides the summary icon, it would be useful to have the print icon too... Thanks!
  • OK thank you. I've been following repetier server for quite a while and in fact I've verified that the gcode management for projects has been improved. There are small tricks that are perhaps simpler to implement, namely: - when you open a proj…
  • HI. There are two ways to store gcode files: in projects or directly in the printer directory which can be shared with others.
  • Okay. I have the PRO version, but I'm using repetier-server 1.4.7 free on a "trial machine". I will try pro version
  • I can't find the "Preview images" item in the global settings. Is it only included in the PRO version?
  • Repetier said: Will be included in 1.4.7 I installed version 1.4.7 How can I change the preview of the images?
  • Is there any news about this "feature"? To clarify: - I create a new object - I upload a jpeg file, the relative stl file and the gcode file. This is the preview I see if I set the jpeg file. This instead if I set the stl file.
  • Repetier said: WHile you can select which image to use with eye icon, you can not change rendering angle. This is set for all prerendered gcodes and stl files to values working in general. I see that it might be nice in this example to have h…
  • I have Ender 3S1 with professional firmware https://github.com/mriscoc/Ender3V2S1 With octoprint i have on "before print job starts" : M75 {{ event.name }} In this way, the name of the sent gcode file appears on the display. Using Repetier, {{event…