How to display file name on Ender 3


I want to display the file name of the gcode that was sent by repetier server onto the ender 3 screen. How can I do that?

Thank you


  • There is no function for that I guess. For repetier-firmware we have a command for it, but with marlin I think you need to send
    M117 Name
    in gcode and disable showing layer/print time/.. to not override the status line with new infos.

    Or are you aware of a gcode which does that?
  • For the Jyers Firmware on the Ender 3 V2 ( :
    • M117 is used for File_Name
    • M73 is used for progress
    I do not have my Ender 3 V2 with Jyers on right now, but my Aquila running Alex (the Aquila port of Jyers) is showing the M73 progress data as expected.

    If there was a way to get the file name in RS as a variable, we could use the GCode > Event > 1. Start to add the M117 %Var_FileName% like it is done in Octoprint script, as linked above.

  • Adding variables to gcode lines is on the todo list.
    M73 is already used by server to send progress.
  • Can you let me know how to disable the layer/print time/.. to not override the filename?
  • Just an FYI - I had issues with my Ender 3 not displaying any information really being sent by Repetier Server or other systems via USB. 

    In my case, I compiled my own Marlin 2.0.8 FW with some customization and enabled the M117 and M73 capabilities before compiling.  Once I flashed this everything works fine and my Ender 3 is also just better in general so yeah, maybe consider firmware.
  • In printer Settings->Connection the field "Show on Printer LCD Status Line" defines if server sends infos with M117 or not.
  • Yep that does work.  In my case either way with the stock Creality firmware it did not behave well with anything sending commands to the LCD be it Repetier or other print servers.  A quick change of the firmware and voila.
  • Dear friends, I cannot find item Settings->Connection and the field "Show on Printer LCD Status Line" in menu ... despite this fact I can see the information about connection on printer LCD at printer / server start. Unfortunately there is WRONG port behind IP address 3344 (but I changed 3344 to standard 80 previously, IP address is right). How could I change the port number (I presume it should be changed automatically based on setting) or delete it as this is standard http port? Thank you very much for advice. Regards Josef.

  • 3344 is correct. Port 80 is privileged so can not be used directly. It is provided via nginx proxy on pi installations, but the orinigal port server listens on is 80. You can define own entry in Global Settings->Connecctivity at the bottom. I think that is what you used before to force it display 80. But checking the code I see it is not used here also I think it should be preferred. So will add that one as override for next release.
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    I have Ender 3S1 with professional firmware
    With octoprint i have on "before print job starts" : M75 {{ }}
    In this way, the name of the sent gcode file appears on the display.
    Using Repetier, {{}} appears on the display. What is the variable for the gcode filename?
  • Computed expression in server are different then in octoprint. In manual you see them in chapter computed expression in case you want to play with them. The printed file name is {{}} for your command.
  • PS: You need a recent server version, this is a quite new feature introduced first in 1.3.0 I think.
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