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  • I do not do tricks for homing, but my Z limit switch's are top mounted so i just adjust the Z max height to get the first layer correct But i will try and check z probe height, i prop. forgot that Did the config look ok otherwise?
  • i double checked and also my logic was that before i added the extra stepper driver  endstop1 would be connected to stepper driver1 so i just add a stepper driver where extruder1 was empty and connected one more endstop and took one stepper motor a…
  • even thou its not logical to me i tried to switch arround the endstops... so the one that was connected to Z1 stepper is now connected to Z2 instead and i tried by hand to place the 2 z steppers very differently and they now stop as expected
  • when homing i have to hit reset botton, but switch states are now: 16:03:46.963 : endstops hit: x_max:L y_max:L z_max:H z2_minmax:L Z-probe state:L so its seems that it stops Z2 but not Z1
  • here is the endstop check 16:01:14.053 : endstops hit: x_max:L y_max:L z_max:L z2_minmax:L Z-probe state:L16:01:49.041 : endstops hit: x_max:L y_max:L z_max:H z2_minmax:L Z-probe state:L16:02:01.954 : endstops hit: x_max:L y_max:L z_max:L z2_minmax…
  • it kind of worked i checked both endstops for Z and they work as they should with repetier host i can drive Z up and down and both steppers move normally,  but when homing only one Z stepper stops... the other tries to continue even thou endstop …
  • i came arround to do this... is this the correct setup? i dont want to destroy things
  • @alexsomesan crazy thought if i remember correct we can also ask the chip what temp it is right? if its correct i had an idea of automatic select the highest possible current without getting to hot... ie do a series of moves with different speeds…
  • @niocio01 spreadcycle read here... and i also contacted watterott and they said to get them silent 19V was the minimum…
  • @alexsomesan do you run 24V or 12V? i have a mendel90 and i got tmc2100 on that and had to remove the 12v pin on the modules and supply 24V to the stepper modules to get them silent'ish rest of printer is running 12V
  • You got my attention for sure I just ordered most of the frame parts for the Hypercube Evo, and since i'm a long time repetier user i will use the due+radds combo too
  • hmm... i think my thermistor is bad again replaced it 2 months ago i tried 90 and temp was hovering at arround 65 60 still works
  • oki... wil try and figure what the highest temp it can do are there any "hidden" parameters i can change to go higher?
  • i think the error is reading near the edge...  i use the mk42 bed (clone) and it has 6 fixing points i used a dialguage(messuhr) to make sure that all 6 points are level, but these clones are know to bed a bit more that those prusa puts on his mac…
  • changing the DISTORTION_LIMIT_TO to 3 was enough it failed because the extreme edge of the bed was just 0.001 over or under the limit :-D
  • oki, but was i correct on this: i assume that if it says ref height is 6mm the messured values can be between 4 or 8?
  • problem is that it just says error and i as user dont know why it aborted but i will try and give it a look later tonight i assume that if it says ref height is 6mm the messured values can be between 4 or 8? what other reasons can there be for it…
  • dinner and desert... did another G33 and now it completed the probe i lowered it to 6x6 grid just to make it faster... i bet it will work with 20x20 again again it could be nice to have some kind of info why it fails or an option to have it comple…
  • problem is i cant do that since it will not complete the probing
  • 16:33:30.278 : Z-probe:4.211 X:240.00 Y:85.0016:33:32.310 : Z-probe:3.895 X:10.00 Y:46.0016:33:32.315 : Error:Stopping distortion measurement due to errors. are there a limit to how much 2 probe points can differ before its considered an error? and…
  • if i repeat G33 where it fails it will slowly near the same values so something is wrong and i bet if there was an ignore parameter it would work
  • are there any alternatives to G33 that is not so sensitive?
  • i'm a bit in to trouble again.... it seems that the probing fails if the points differ to much for some reason the probe at some few spots report a bigger difference and that makes it fail. i have tried to shrink the probe area and change the amou…
  • thanks for quick reply are there an offset should i need it? ie if one endstop is ever so slightly higher or lower than the other?
  • hmm am i correct in this? i need to enable FEATURE_TWO_ZSTEPPER then set correct socket in "Mirror stepper socket" then set ENDSTOP_PULLUP_Z2_MINMAX/ENDSTOP_Z2_MINMAX_INVERTING correctly  select the right connector on Z2_MINMAX_PIN
  • i only see Z_PROBE_REQUIRES_HEATING on the features tab where are the homing options with preheat? and do it require that i have a delta?
  • that made all the difference, now it only goes up slightly and no false triggers in that corner now i will push my luck and try and get to extreme edge of board and see what happens
  • found it... in disortion.cpp float z = RMath::max(EEPROM::zProbeBedDistance() + (EEPROM::zProbeHeight() > 0 ? EEPROM::zProbeHeight() : 0), static_cast(ZHOME_HEAT_HEIGHT)); //EEPROM::zProbeBedDistance() + (EEPROM::zProbeHeight() > 0 ? EEPROM:…
  • it seems it uses a Z ref of 20mm and that might explain why it moves up even thou i have set bed distance to 0 or 1 some info from the serial line: 20:25:59.685 : Info:Configuration reset to defaults.20:26:03.867 : Info:Configuration stored to EEP…