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  • Right. They only just added Repetier Server support to their PrusaSlicer so fingers crossed they'll go the extra mile and update the firmware for it as well  
  • Using genuine RPi power adaptors, seeing no undervoltage reports. USB cables short and shielded, with usb reconnect activated. Even enabled the ping pong comms. Now, this was with RPi 4. I have replaced it with a 3B+ today so will keep an eye on it.…
  • When you print on the Mini using OctoPrint, it displays a big Octopus on the Mini's LCD screen and adjust the available menu items accordingly. Is this something that's done on Prusa's site or do you plan to have something similar done with Repetier…
  • I am experiencing the same thing, also on an RPi 4! I have to reboot every two or three days. Sometimes the prints wouldn't start, which is fine (and clear signal I need to reboot). And a few times it happened that my prints were trashed because it …
  • Was just looking for this info. Repetier Server is awesome and—unlike with OctoPrint—had no issue with paying cash for a licence. Printing from SD card directly and still having the option to monitor the print remotely would be neat but I do underst…