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  • I am using standard Arduino mega 2560 with RAMPS 1.4.  Other than the LED is blinking, the serial port did not print out any message even I pull or push the probe.  My configuration.h is in page 1 of this thread.
    in BLTouch Comment by fatice May 9
  • After enabled the internal pullup, the zmin signal pin without connecting the probe is 5v. The autoleveling still does not work.  I have also separated the probe signal wires from the cable loom, it still have the same effect.  I am out of idea no…
    in BLTouch Comment by fatice May 8
  • The cable loom for the extruder has -extruder stepper motor wires -hotend temperature sensor -hotend power -hotend fan power -3Dtouch servo lines -3Dtouch sensor line Will crosstalk be one of the reasons that the 3Dtouch is failing randomly? Do I …
    in BLTouch Comment by fatice May 7
  • Thanks for the suggestion, I set the Z_PROBE_BED_DISTANCE  to 20, the autoleveling is OK for the first few points and failed due to the probe sending out too fast or the bed is retracting too slow. (After the probe was triggered on the 5th point, th…
    in BLTouch Comment by fatice May 7
  • The autoleveling runs, but failed due to 3D touch sensor alarm (maybe the bed is not retract fast enough in point 3) https://vimeo.com/415442703 May I know what settings did I got wrong? #define Z_PROBE_Z_OFFSET 0#define Z_PROBE_Z_OFFSET_MODE 0#de…
    in BLTouch Comment by fatice May 6
  • Just testing with the 1.0.3 firmware, the probe only fails when "Measure Probe Height". When manually triggered the autoleveling, the 3Dtouch sensor is triggered correctly.  May I know how to use the "Measure Probe Height" function?
    in BLTouch Comment by fatice May 5
  • Set all Z endstop pullup to disable #define ENDSTOP_PULLUP_Z_MIN false #define Z_PROBE_PULLUP 0 Still the same problem.  Zmin on RAMPS board is right under Zmax, it works correctly in Marlin, should it be connected somewhere else in Repetier firm…
    in BLTouch Comment by fatice May 5
  • Switched to debug level 70. Pressing the endstops did not show any debugging information (X, Y, or the 3DTouch). I went thought the menu to "Z-Calibration" -> Z probe height.  https://vimeo.com/415060548 As shown in the video, use the finger t…
    in BLTouch Comment by fatice May 5
  • When I was testing with the bed yesterday with 1.0.3. After the sensor was touched with the bed and retracted, the bed kept going up and hit the nozzle. I have not tested it with my finger in mid-air. I will test 1.0.4 tonight. I am wondering, it i…
    in BLTouch Comment by fatice May 5
  • I built a COREXY printer (Mega 2560+RAMPS 1.4) and followed the instruction from Pigeon, but the z-probe did not trigger any z-min signal. When it tried to obtain the z-offset, the bed just keep going and hitting the nozzle despite the z-probe had …
    in BLTouch Comment by fatice May 4
  • Repetier said: Just a theory: You have ALWAYS_CHECK_ENDSTOPS 1 and when you moved printers cables shifted and now you get false signals to end stops from crosstalk. Set value to 0 so end stops are only used for homing, then it will not be a b…
  • Did not know I can do that. Thanks, I will try it.