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  • Hello,  i give up with Z-Probe. For me it looks like it don´t work at all.  After i made bed-leveling the extruder is more hiegh as i don´t use it.  without bed-leveling: extruder distance 0.06 mm.  with bed-leveling: extruder distance 0.3 mm.  e…
  • WIth Repetier Host V2.1.3 i get many errrors if i do G32 04:24:46.675 : Exception during socket read:Der Index war außerhalb des Arraybereichs.04:24:46.675 : {"callback_id":-1,"data":[{"data":{"id":16330,"text":"Z-probe:6.407 X:139.60 Y:19.99","tim…
  • Hey,  after autoleveling i have this values.  Why is Z-Probe 5.x or 6.x. I would expect that it is Z_Probe_height(0.8) + tollerance. 4:01:27.417: Z-probe:5.785 X:10.00 Y:19.994:01:31.899: Z-probe:5.918 X:10.00 Y:55.994:01:36.437: Z-probe:6.052 X:…
  • Now i tried to print with Repetier Host the Test Cube. Suddenly the Printer is going to Autolevel with strange settings and crash again on x_max.  Are you sure the z-probe is realy working ?
  • Strange. If i setup Probe P3.X to 170mm then it would be still 40mm left for the next probe. But if i setup P3 to 180mm then the x position crash to the right limit of x.
  • In my thinking this is to complicated. The folowing settings would be enough to setup z-probe.  1. Z-correction size. (XMin,YMin/XMax,YMax).  Then the System know where are the ranges for the Probe 2. X/Y-offset of the Probe and GridSize with thi…
  • Hello again,  its ok. in configuration.h i still can change the setting. Only on the webpage configuration this setting is gone. thanks